Husqvarna lawnmower

    For the boss of a lawnmower distributor , issler & Pütz in Grenzach, I made his favorite bestseller.

    Sandro, ihr Handwerker

    Sandro, the Mc Gyver of the Self employed handymen, became his own welding helmet including an interactive display.

    Buonocore Gardening

    To celebrate this wild, full-hearted gardeners birthday, we created the plant from „Little Shop of Horrors“ for him.

    Historic Museum Basel

    In 2019 the Historic Musem Basel was celebrating their 125 years Jubilee! For this occasion we made a replica of the Barfüsserkirche Basel, where the Museum is hosted. The cake inkluced illuminated lights of it’s beautiful Windows.

    Kunstmuseum Basel
    Historic Museum Basel

    Timed to coincide with the 1000th anniversary of the Basel cathedral’s consecration, which was celebrated in the fall of 1019 in the presence of Emperor Henry II, the exhibition Gold & Glory.The highlight in the exhibition is the golden altar frontal, which returns from Paris to its designated home for the first time in many decades.
    The golden altar frontal was rebuild 1:1 of Chocolate cake with rasberry filling, in 100 hours of work. The filigree decorations was made by hand using modelling chocolate. More pictures view under Celebration cakes.

    Restaurant Kohlmanns Basel

    Table-setting cake for the 10 Anniversary .

    Rennbahnklinik Muttenz

    Soccer Player Timm Klose for Rennbahnklinik Muttenz